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Jan 24, 2018: Rockies Diner - Boise Idaho


My husband Gene and I have enjoyed watching Adam Richman on Man vs Food, Thus when we were in Boise Idaho we had to stop in and check out the Rockies Diner. This was just one of the places Adam visited in Idaho, but I really wanted to eat there. It is a retro-themed diner with waitresses on roller skates and 50’s music playing. How can you go wrong?  

Rockies Diner - Bike

The atmosphere was so amazing and they had Elvis on a motorcycle hanging from the ceiling. So cool.

Rockies Diner - Music Booth

They also had a little DJ Booth with a man playing song requests during certain times. He also hypes up their guests when a customer does the Johnny B. Goode challenge.

Rockies Diner - AdamTo win this challenge you have to eat a 4.5-pound burger/hot dog/pastrami/chili amalgamation with a side of chili cheese fries and a milkshake within 30 minutes. You get all kinds of prizes (including a Fender guitar) if you finish, plus the meal is free. Adam did win during his visit and you can see him on the board in the picture above. We enjoyed our non-challenged lunch and enjoyed watching a person attempt the challenge, but was not successful. Check it out if you end up in Idaho. You never know, you could win a Fender guitar and a free lunch. Happy Travels.


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  • Rockies Diner - Adam
  • Rockies Diner - Bike
  • Rockies Diner - Music Booth

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