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Italy: Giant tour bus, tiny street


If you've traveled in old cities and towns of Europe, you've almost certainly, at one point or another, marveled at the skills of the drivers fitting those huge tour buses into place.

But surely there are some places beyond even that skill... or are there? Have a look at this video of a maneuver that seems almost doomed to failure, yet succeeds. The setting is Triora, a mountain-top village in Italy, with a busload of  Swiss visitors.

The driver, Christian Grize, with 37 years on the job, wasn't sure it could be done, either, and only attempted it after being told that it had been done before. 

“You don’t panic because of something like that," he told a local paper. “The local guide gave me a hand and after the manoeuvre was effected, the passengers applauded." You will, too!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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Yay ! One up for bus drivers !

I drove a 10m DAF bus 20 times from Oslo to North Cape and back. One place in the Lofotens required me to reverse down a winding dirt track with rock on one side and sea on the other with about 2ft of clearance on either side. Thank the lord for power steering and BIG mirrors. 

Bus drivers deserve all the tips they get  !

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