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Is this the RV of the sustainable future?


In an age where 'small' and 'less' get a lot of approval, you'd expect something like this: instead of the city bus-sized RVs we've come to expect on the road, here's a tiny tot meant to be towed behind a bicycle...or, since it sleeps two, a bicycle built for two.


Soon to be available in Britain and eventually everywhere, it was invented by a Danish entrepreneur, Mads Johansen, who named it the Wide Path Camper. An initial batch of 50 were snapped up right away. 


It's 45kg weight was designed for bicycle towing, and its shape, which somewhat resembles the famous Airstream trailer of old, should cut down resistance. In tests, it has withstood high winds. It sleeps 2.5 (presumably a child) and can hold 4 adults. It's priced at about $3800 complete; a deluxe version with a more luxurious mattress and a few other extras goes for $4300. Optional solar panels are extra.


For more pictures and a video at The Telegraph (UK), click HERE

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A lot great things about this RV I like. It small enough to get in off road spots a regular RV could never get. And the price seems a lot more reasonable than the Tiny Homes I've seen. I'm like DrFumblefinger though, I think the idea of a long bike trip on this would be hard. It didn't even look like an easy ride in the video. Maybe combined with an electric bike?

If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

The Bicycle hasn't caught on in the US like here in Europe and the UK.

Europe is covered in bicycle tracks. Mostly disused railway routes that have stayed traffic free. Just joggers and bicycles.

Like trains avoid hills - so do these tracks.

Perfect for cycling.

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