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India's Visa Rules: Easier for some, tougher for U.K.

The Indian government has just changed a number of its rules for tourist visas, making it possible for citizens of some countries to obtain a visa on arrival in India at the airport, while for the first time requiring U.K. citizens to visit a visa office in Britain before leaving, and to have their fingerprints taken and cleared. There are now 14 offices, and all require appointments; families are not guaranteed appointments at the same time, British tour organizers grumble.


Countries now eligible for visa on arrival include Australia, New Zealand, Germany, the U.S, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, and many more...but not U.K. Britain's Daily Telegraph has DETAILS

PHeymont wonders if there's an element of payback for the years of the Raj?

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Its because we give Indian Students an interview before they come to the UK to attend College.

They get a 2 years UK "Student Visa" visa which also allows them to work for 20 hours a week.

But when they arrive in the UK thousands of "students" vanish.

And they fail to show up at their pre-arranged College.

In those 2 years they assume another identity.


So now they get a fingerprint and iris recognition photo before leaving the Indian sub-continent..


Which is only common sense - the US do it too.

They do it to me.


Like certain minority groups trying to get a US visa.

Uncle Sam makes it very difficult too.


"PHeymont wonders if there's an element of payback for the years of the Raj?"

- is just loose lips with no foundation.


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