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How much is that in dog years? Greyhound hits 100!

Greyhound, still the largest intercity bus company in North America (and parent of BoltBus, one of its hot new competitors) just hit its 100th birthday, and is going on the road to celebrate. The company has turned two coaches into mobile museums, and is sending them to cities around the country, accompanied by a caravan of restored historic buses going back to the 1914 Hupmobile with which the company started. MORE


If you see them coming to your town, snap some pictures and let Gumbo post them!

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Greyhounds actual buses now are pretty good .

i think its their bus stations that are in need of updating . 


I've also noticed if things go wrong ,it's very hard to get good customer service.  Hopefully that will improve with MegaBus offering competition.




If you want a thing done, ask a busy man.

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