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Hotels in the UK have the worst service in Europe !


Yet another survey from The Telegraph (UK) reckons that Hotels in the UK have the worst service in Europe.

True or False ?

Finland has the best service the survey found.

But, if you read the figures, the worst performing City is London.

But as we all know - London is not the UK. Its not Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.

In fact the City with the best score - Sheffield England - did better than Finland !

It may be that London plays to a captive audience and no longer needs to try hard to attract customers. It may be that 75% of its hotel staff are from Eastern Europe with poor English language skills.

But as the survey shows - if you want the best service - move away from the Capital City.

Which is true of many countries. 


Survey shows if you want the best hotel service in the UK - stay outside London !


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As a rule I do just what you say -- avoid the big cities except for those attractions I feel important to see, and stay in smaller cities and towns.  It makes for a more relaxed vacation.


I have to say my experience with hotels in London has been the opposite -- that they are quite good, although expensive.

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I'm curious also what would have happened with more hotel detail. We generally don't stay in the big hotels; we look for the local ones, especially ones that cater to lower-budget families traveling, sometimes in their own countries...and I can't say we've had any complaints to write home about in France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway...nor England, where we had two pleasant experiences with a small and a tiny hotel.


In fact, our only service complaint was with an "airport" hotel (quotes because it was a 30-minute ride over the mountain into the next province) that had terrible food and nearly no staff. 


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