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Help Celebrate Gumbo's New Year: Pick Your Favorite Pictures!

POD#1We’ve only been on line since September, but we’re growing and looking forward to a year with even more exciting features, and more good friends.


One of the most popular features has been our Picture of the Day—we’ve already had well over 100! Some are exciting, some beautiful, some funny, some touching—and all worth a second look. That's POD #1 up above.


So, The Gumbo Gurus invite you to review the collection so far, and to nominate your favorites, both overall and in categories. Choose your favorite food picture, animal picture, the picture that most made you want to go there, and the one that gave you the best laugh.


To nominate your favorites, post a comment to this post. To see them all, click HERE


Oh, and if you haven’t joined TG yet (only members can post!) it’s easy and free. Just click HERE.





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The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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I'm going to agree with Rob and give the edge to DrY's above.  But must add, I'm just a sucker for lotus.  My favorite souvenirs are pods collected from the garden pond of a little house I rented in Bali in the paddies.


For those of you likewise enamored with these beautiful plants, a place to see them in profusion without traveling to Asia is a remarkable garden just outside Santa Barbara, California, called, appropriately, Lotusland.  The "official" site isn't loading for some reason so I offer this one with the link at the bottom:

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