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Hello, Dolly! Edinburgh museum celebrates birthday with new exhibits


The National Museum of Scotland is celebrating its 150th birthday this year with 10 new galleries opening in July, A star exhibit will be the stuffed remains of Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal ever cloned from an adult cell.

Six of the new galleries will highlight science and technology; the others will add to the museum's displays of decorative art, fashion and design. The museum opened in 1866 as the Edinburgh Museum of Science and Art; history was added in 1998 when Scotland's historic treasures were added.

The museum see itself as becoming a world-class institution; it's already Britain's most-visited museum outside London, covering A to Z (archeology to zoology) in its collections.

As for Dolly, this is like coming home. The sheep, headlined throughout the world, was born at the Roslin Institute nearby in 1996. What seemed like a gee-whiz curiosity at the time has become an important aspect of agriculture.

The Guardian (UK) has an interesting review of the museum, along with more pictures, HERE


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