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Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at TravelGumbo!

Thanksgiving 2013 002

We wish each of you a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  Enjoy the day, the food, and your families!!  And have a safe journey home.

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  • Harvest Display, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Harvest display, brightly colored, lovely to behold.  Las Vegas, Nevada

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"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

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Yes DrF.... Those Ozzies have some strange habits ! First time in Coogee Bay Hotel Sydney I ordered Steak and Chips (Fries)

Guy showed me a Tupperware Picnic Box full of raw steak. You choose, then he puts it on a plate for you. You take it outside to the "Barbee" (BBQ). You cook it how you like it. Then come back in for your Chips and salad !

I stopped at a Restaurant in Bondi Beach and the waiter asked me if I would like a bottle of wine with the meal. "Yes please" I said.

"Well git ya self across the street to the Bottle Shop and buy one"

I thought he was being a bit strange - but that's normal I believe.

Some Restaurants have BYO signs - bring your own - and the waiter will give you the wine glasses! Loved them Roo Burgers too !


I've tried whole Banana fried in Butter. Squeeze half an orange into the pan, Add dark Cuban Rum, Cane Sugar and flame it ! And served on the beach too. No... not on the beach in Liverpool !!


By "pudding" I presume you mean Black Pudding - now there's something to upset the Tourists !!




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GarryRF,  You must try the King (Elvis Presley's) favorite sandwich.  Peanut butter and banana, fried in butter.  Forget about the cholesterol -- give it a go.  It's much better than it sounds!


Part of the joy of traveling is trying the food.  Like "pudding" with your full Irish breakfast (don't ask if you don't know).  I remember driving through rural southern Australia and seeing the following sign at a restaurant:  "Bugs, $10".  I don't know about you but I wouldn't pay anything for a plate of bugs.  Found out these were actually a type of shellfish, like a big shrimp.  But with a name like "bugs" I didn't try them.

I really enjoy Thanksgiving Day when I'm staying with my American family over there.

Some of the food you have that I've never seen in England ! You wouldn't think our cultures could be that far apart ! Ambrosia with Turkey ? Pumpkin Pie ? Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches ? And I'd love a piece of that beautiful Apple Pie - but why the Cinnamon disguise ?

Hope you all have a wonderful day folks ! Me ? - I'm off to work as normal !


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