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Hang around in Morocco....

Now that I am getting Guru's indulgence for posting my old stuff... I will add another couple of ancient pics from 1980. The first, one of the many typical "Kasbahs" (fortified dwellings) in Morocco. These can still be widely seen today and are identical to those of 100-200 years ago. The fascinating history of the region centres around the power struggles between central government and the local rulers. The most powerful, and potentially the most disruptive to the French colonial ambitions, was Thami El Glaoui who could easily match the European equivalent of the Medici family in Italy.




As innocents abroad, we would happily travel into all corners of this lovely country. Please enjoy our photos as memories of our travels.... Here we are at the Tizi N Test pass from mainland Morocco down into the Sahara.






Local costumes...



Oh dear, the LandRover has just lost a rear differential half shaft....



Waiting for the sunrise in the Sahara...



Renault 16 - unbelievably good all terrain transport!! Well pre-MTV etc...




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