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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Sept. 26, 2013: Icelandic horses, Husavik, Iceland

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I've still got a pretty thick head of hair but nothing compares to the lush wind-blown mane of these Icelandic horses!  V-e-r-y cool looking animals!  Their hair is the envy of every 1960s Rock'n'Roll band


I really enjoy seeing Icelandic horses.  Whenever we spotted a herd of them in a scenic setting, like this farm outside the small whaling village of Husavik, we'd stop for a photo.  They'd always approach us, gently, very curious about us.  Much smaller than the domestic horses in Europe and America, they are direct descendants of the mounts the Vikings brought to Iceland over 1000 years ago.  Iceland is fond and protective of these splendid little horses which give a smooth ride over the rough terrain of the country.  There are almost as many Iceland horses as citizens of the country.


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  • Icelandic horses, Husavik, Iceland

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