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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Sept. 17, 2013: Trumpeter Swans, Courtney River Estuary, British Columbia

011 September 17, 2013 Comox trip 3-2013-038 Comox Bird Sanctuary.


I enjoy birds, though I don't consider myself an avid birder.  I think swans are elegant, graceful creatures but before this year I'd only rarely seen them in the wild.  During a recent trip to Vancouver Island, I visited this bird sanctuary on the Island's east coast and there were hundreds and hundreds of swans dropping by to rest and enjoy the fresh water during their migration.  It's especially impressive to see dozens of these large birds land or take flight at once!  It was absolutely amazing!  This photo was snapped just before sunset and the image captured the soft light of dusk.


I'm not sure what the smaller birds in the background are.  Some are mallard ducks, some might be wigeons?  Anyone have an idea?


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  • Trumpeter Swans, Courtney River Estuary, Vancouver Island, British Columbia: There were hundreds of swans in this migratory bird sanctuary.

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