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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Sep 17 2014: Wild Columbine

Wild Columbine


I took this photo while hiking around Moraine Lake in Banff National Park.  It was a wet, cool day and the mist sat just above the lake.  The rain wasn't falling hard, more like a heavy spray that dampened your clothes and hair until it dripped.  It sprayed your face just enough until eventually it would run down your cheeks and nose.  It made everything in the forest drip too and when you stopped and listened, you would hear a wonderful, peaceful song from nature as everything was being bathed by the gentle rain.  I happened across this wild columbine holding a drop of water, it seemed to refuse to let the droplet fall to the ground and I couldn't pass by without taking a picture of it.  


I didn't realize until after I got home and enlarged it on my computer that, when you look really closely into the droplet of water, you can see my feet and lower legs reflecting in it as I stood to take the photo.  Maybe if I had crouched down a bit more, I would have gotten a self portrait!


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  • Wild Columbine: Aquilegia Canadensis

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