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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Oct 7th, 2014: Grand Central Oyster Bar, New York

Oyster Bar



A visit to New York City is a must on anyone's travel itinerary or wish list. Whether you go for the architecture, the history, the nightlife or to just soak in the whole atmosphere of the place, it is certainly an unforgettable experience.


One aspect we enjoyed on our visit was sampling the many types of eateries and cuisines on offer. A favorite was the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station. Being new to the city we didn't even know about it, and just stumbled upon it when we were just walking around the station. It was lunchtime so we took our place at the bar. After perusing the very extensive seafood menu, we settled for the Manhattan clam chowder. It was a meal on its own with all fresh ingredients and a hint of spice. Very satisfying and highly recommended.


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You won't find me eating oysters there (or anywhere!) but I've always loved the Guastavini tile ceilings. Not only gorgeous, but a lot like stepping back into another time in the station (Jack Finney fans will know what I mean...)



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