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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Oct 7, 2013: Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

026 Oct 07 2013 Colorado Mesa Verde


Mesa Verde National Park is a unique place because of its 600 cliff dwellings (many very well preserved), homes of the Ancestral Pueblo people.  Some of these cliff communities are over 1500 years old and the park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Spruce Tree Terrace Cafe is a gift shop/cafe within the park boundary that sells a nice selection of regional native American handcrafts.  The store is run by the Mesa Verde Museum Association, a non-profit that promotes education and features Southwestern Indian handicrafts – including traditional Navajo rugs that you see in today's highlighted photos.  I love the color and interesting patterns of this display of  handcrafted rugs, most of which are quite expensive and very sought after by collectors.


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  • Navajo rugs, Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

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