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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Oct. 4, 2013: St. Boniface Cathedral, Winnipeg, Manitoba

024 October 04 2013. St. Boniface Basilica, Winnipeg, Manitoba


The recorded history of the Canadian and American west is very short when compared to Europe's, for example.  Still, there are older buildings of interest and significance to local people where ever you travel.  Such is the case with St. Boniface Cathedral, the oldest church in Winnipeg (right in the central heartland of Canada).  


The first church was constructed at this site near the historic Forks (junction of the Assiniboine and Red Rivers) in 1818.  The facade you see in the photo was part of a larger cathedral, crafted of the popular local limestone known as Tyndall stone.  Completed in 1894, this cathedral was destroyed by fire in 1968.  Fortunately the facade of the building was preserved and, just visible through the doors, a smaller cathedral was rebuilt within the ruined walls of the old church (a nice touch).


St. Boniface Cathedral is the principal Roman Catholic church in the city, especially serving the French speaking community in this part of the Winnipeg.  Besides its architectural beauty, it has an interesting cemetery, park-like grounds, and grand views of the Red River and Winnipeg skyline, making it a memorable place to visit.


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  • St. Boniface Cathedral, Winnipeg, Manitoba

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