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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Oct 21, 2014: Maltese Bread

Maltese Bread



The aroma of freshly baked bread is a special treat for the senses. Wherever we travel we usually track down the local bakery or cafe seeking something delectable for our morning sustenance. A favorite of mine is the traditional Maltese bread called "Hobza". It's a staple of the Maltese diet, and the best way to experience it is fresh and hot out of the baker's oven. The texture of the bread is similar to a Ciabatta or Vienna loaf, with a crusty, brown exterior.


This picture was taken in the village of Qrendi, in the southern part of Malta. The Qrendi bakery has the old, traditional wood fired oven, and they do 2 bakes daily, first at 6am and second at 10am. It is one of the few original bakeries still operating in Malta. The locals line up with their cloth bags and literally buy them straight out of the oven. The baker then loads his van with trays of fresh loaves to deliver around the village.


We lived in Qrendi for a year and were only a few minutes walk from the bakery. It wasn't hard to wake up to the aroma, and our cloth bag was ready and waiting with everyone else. The tricky bit was to resist eating it all before we got it home!



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My wife sometimes believes that my main photo subjects are bread, fruit and veg, and birds perched on statues, so it's nice to know someone else appreciates how beautiful bread is, and how easy it is to smell it and taste just by looking at a great picture like this!

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I also love a fresh loaf of bread.  When it's just right, it's easy to make a meal of just bread and butter.  


I have great sympathy for those who can't eat gluten.  I'm not sure I'd find life worth living without fresh baked goods.  

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