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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, November 28, 2013: The Mirage, Las Vegas

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Over two decades ago my family and I visited Las Vegas, one of many vacations there.  Our trip happened to coincide with the opening of a brand new hotel on the Strip called the Mirage.  It was after dark when we drove into Las Vegas, something I enjoyed for you could see the lights of Vegas far from the outskirts of the city (all those lights powered by the Hoover Dam).  As we drove down Las Vegas Blvd., traffic came to a stop.  The ground seemed to be shaking and a huge fireball erupted into the sky.  It was the Mirage Volcano, a sight so spectacular it literally brought all traffic, be it car or pedestrian, to a stand still!  That's quite a feat even by Las Vegas standards.


It's hard to believe the Mirage is now 24 years old, making it one of the older hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, but its volcano is still as impressive as it was when the hotel first opened all those years ago.  The Mirage Volcano erupts nightly starting at 8 pm, on the hour, until midnight.



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  • Volcano erupting at the Mirage, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • The Mirage Hotel during the day.: The Mirage was once one of the largest resorts in Las Vegas.

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