Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Nov. 12, 2013: Sunset in Colombo, Sri Lanka



Among the many sunsets I've seen in my life, I'd rank the 30 or so viewed from Colombo's Galle Face Hotel among the best; varied in color and intensity, but always beautiful.  Watching the sunset from the inner courtyard of the Galle Face was an spectator event not unlike you'd see in the Florida Keys or Caribbean islands, except in a more subdued manner (likely because of more moderated alcohol consumption and the lingering British influence on the culture).


The Galle Face is a grand historic hotel, a living relic of the British Colonial era, sitting beside the Indian Ocean.  Having fought the wind and rain and salty air for almost 200 years, it's weathered but still lovingly cared for.  It was Arthur C. Clarke's favorite hotel and among the only places he'd leave the comfort of his home to join you for tea or dinner.  Like everyone else, Sir Arthur loved watching the sun from the balcony of the Galle Face.


I'm fond of this particular photograph, taken from the second story balcony of the hotel.  The palm trees add a lot to the image.  Their fronds immediately let you know you're somewhere tropical and enhance the natural light. 


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