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Gumbo's Pic of the Day: May 6th, 2014. Cairo Roadside Cafe

roadside cafe in Cairo



 We visited Egypt in early 2013, before the political strife hit the fan, and were very thankful we did. Whilst making our way to the Giza Plateau one morning our bus had to manoeuvre its way through several back streets and stop several times due to the impossible traffic jams. I managed to capture this scene at a roadside cafe with a group of men having their morning shot of tea and sheesha (or shisha). 


For me it portrayed the essence of Cairo. Men (and youths) from several generations, dressed in their traditional robes, conversing and enjoying their sheesha. The youth in the cap seems to be listening intently to what the older men are saying and the younger boy in the blue hood was proud to be by their side. These scenes are common in Egypt and it seemed like time had almost stood still. I wanted to jump out of the bus and join them but unfortunately the bus had to move on.


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  • roadside cafe in Cairo

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I love these little slices of daily life, no matter what country, what city. Community rituals are so important to our being communities, not just populations! Thanks, Island Man!

The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations

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