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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, May 23, 2015: First Class, Nanning Train Station



My trip by train from Nanning, China to Hanoi, Vietnam transpired years after my first plan to travel between the 2 countries was thwarted by a landslide that covered the tracks between Kunming, in Yunnan Province, and Hanoi.  After waiting in vain for the route to be restored and still wanting to visit Hanoi and travel there by train, I added it to my most recent visit to the region, when I discovered an overnight service from Nanning, in Guangxi Province.


 "No Kindling"




Having been warned regarding the general standard of trains in the region, I bought the best I could, a first-class sleeper, which included, in contrast to the train itself, quite a large and posh waiting room in a building of it’s own, alongside Nanning Station.



 "No Occupying While Stabling"




I’ve often wondered why governments and companies don’t routinely hire native speakers of foreign languages to proofread all text, instructions for products, for instance, and for signs in this case.  One of the 3 here, while wrong, is comprehensible.  The remaining 2 are complete mysteries to me.  Any possible translations from Gumbo members are most welcome.








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I wouldn't dream of occupying while stabling in the train rest room, but in the waiting room?  I thought that's what they were for.


A wise man, or FaMale, should know better than to leave a nice comfortable clean place and get on a train in some parts of the world.  It was a lesson it took me several trains to learn on that trip.  

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