Gumbo's Pic of the Day, May 21st, 2014: Hoodoos


The name “hoodoo” comes from the word “voodoo” and was given to these geological formations by the Europeans.  They are found throughout the Drumheller Badlands in Alberta.  The Blackfoot and Cree believe the Hoodoos are petrified giants that can come alive at night and hurl rocks to keep intruders at bay.  According to the literature that I have read, Hoodoos take millions of years to form and are very fragile.  I took these photos a few years ago when the platforms and walkways that surround them for protection from visitors were not yet built allowing for unobstructed views and photos of the Hoodoos.  I decided to arrive just before the sun came up, the morning light showed me interesting shadows and brilliant colours in the layers of sandstone.









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I love when aspects conspire to produce startling events, like when we run into a friend in a completely unlikely place.  In this case, elements and forces running into each other to produce this other-worldly landscape.  Nature making a joke or art, not sure which.  Maybe both.

I'm always amazed by the effects of differential erosion in the badlands, SCP!  Beautiful images which are immensely more effective than those showing the hoodoos with the walkways surrounding them now.  Thanks for sharing these!

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