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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, May 10, 2015: Northern Ireland

 Carrick-a-rede Bridge, Northern Ireland


I recently came back from a 3 day trip to Northern Ireland, and loved it. The weather was unusually sunny (but very cold) while I explored one of the most beautiful coastlines in Europe.


Carrick-a-rede Cliffs, Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland has become quite popular as a tourist destination due to the various scenes in the TV series Game of Thrones that were shot all around the region. If you like, you can go on a Game of Thrones tour which will take you to the most iconic places featured in the series.


Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland


My boyfriend and I are huge fans of the series, but we decided to take the more traditional Giant’s Causeway tour. We visited 2 castles, one of them is a medieval ruin perched on top of a steep cliff, crossed the Carrick-a-rede suspension bridge, which is a 20 meter long rope bridge 30 meters above sea level, and explored the Giant’s Causeway, a UNESCO heritage site.


Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland


The Giant’s Causeway was the highlight of my trip, dramatic cliffs on one side, the Atlantic Ocean on the other and around 40,000 basalt columns, most of them hexagonal, created by a volcanic eruption, scattered around the area. Apart from walking on the (slippery) stones, you can hike around the cliffs which give you amazing views of the World Heritage Site.


Giants Causeway cliffs, Northern Ireland


Northern Ireland surprised me, and I hope to return soon.


Giants Causeway view, Northern Ireland


Images (6)
  • Carrick-a-rede Bridge, Northern Ireland
  • Carrick-a-rede Cliffs, Northern Ireland
  • Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland
  • Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland
  • Giants Causeway cliffs, Northern Ireland
  • Giants Causeway view, Northern Ireland

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