Gumbo's Pic of the Day, March 18th, 2014: Chihuahua Man of Marsaxlokk

 Dog Man of Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk (pronounced "Marsushlock") is a fishing village on the south coast of Malta. It's popular for its picturesque promenade, traditional Maltese fishing boats, Sunday market and a choice of restaurants that serve some of the best seafood on the island.


Each time I visit there I see this man walking along the promenade with his collection of Chihuahuas. He's a local identity there and garners lots of attention from both the Maltese and tourists alike. Like clockwork, he parks himself at the same cafe and has his bottle of sparkling water while he reads the newspaper. The cafe also happens to be the same one we go to for an afternoon coffee and we always say hello to him and exchange conversation. Just one of the many characters you can meet in your daily travels.



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Island Man, just over a year ago I landed on Malta after my freighter trip from Singapore. I stayed first in Marsaxlokk for several days, at Duncan Accommodations, above the bar of the same name, which it appears Chihuahua Man is looking right at!   I loved the town, especially fun on market day.  Thanks for the memory.

Love the photo and the backstory, Islandman!


Chihuahuas are really quite amazing animals -- extremely intelligent and very affectionate with their owners.  A little small for my taste, but I can see his attraction to them.

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