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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Jan 7, 2015: Sunset on the Glenmore Reservoir

1-Sunset Glenmore Resivoir 1


When I was working at the Rockyview General Hospital in Calgary, I would like to take a walk along the Glenmore Reservoir on my way into and out of the building.  The sun was just setting as I left work and I was able to take the time to enjoy it and watch it fade out of sight.  The colours were beautiful and were magnified as the sun shone across the ice.


2-Sunset Glenmore Resivoir 2

3-Sunset Glenmore Resivoir 3


Images (3)
  • 1-Sunset Glenmore Resivoir 1: Icy Sunset
  • 2-Sunset Glenmore Resivoir 2: Icy Sunset
  • 3-Sunset Glenmore Resivoir 3: Icy Sunset

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