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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Feb 17, 2015: Maltese Sheep

Maltese Sheep


Taking walks in the countryside is a favorite pastime of mine, and I always manage to find something interesting to photograph. The village of Bahrija in Malta is on the north-west coast, about 3 kilometres west of Rabat. It's very small, quiet and laid back, and not many tourists even know it's there. 


On an afternoon stroll around this village one day, I came across this farmer tending to his flock of sheep. These sheep are apparently a rare breed, and the original seed stock was used in the development of the Comisana breed found in Sicily. 


This is something I had hoped to see as I am fascinated by rural life and rustic settings. Unfortunately there are not many sheep left in Malta. Most farmers now concentrate more on their vegetable patches and the sheep are used mainly for their milk, which is used to make the traditional Maltese cheese, Gbejna (see below picture). 


Maltese Gbejna


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  • Maltese Sheep
  • Maltese Gbejna

The journey starts with you. Just open that door and start walking!


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Remember driving around Malta and visiting Rabat.

You're right - it's tiny - as are the roads.

We followed a road out of Rabat that got smaller and smaller.

Then the road became a dirt track.

Then we stopped when the track had a gate.

And behind it were these Maltese Sheep.

Certainly look the same - they must be a few years old now ! (Shhh !)


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