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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, December 13, 2014: Gödöllő



The Royal Palace of GÖdÖllő sits on the outskirts of Budapest and it was there I was taken one day by streetcar from the center of the city by dear friend, Zoli.  A serious photographer with a wonderful eye, he and I walked all over the grounds, as well as touring the interior, making a day of it.  It was especially fun to be in the company of another who took the time to find views worthy of his lens and we found them in abundance.  One of my favorite pictures of myself is one he took in front of the palace as we were leaving.




Empress Elizabeth of Austria (1837-1898), whose only son, Rudolph, is well known as a result of his suicide at his hunting lodge at Mayerling, was affectionately known by her family and friends as Sissi.  In 1867, Elizabeth was crowned Queen of Hungary and made the palace her home.  She spoke Hungarian and especially loved to spend time there where she could relax apart from the stresses of court life.  She was happy in the company of her Hungarian subjects, whom she loved and whose affection was returned.





During the period after World War II the palace fell into disuse.  Rehabilitation began during the last decades of the 20th Century and is ongoing today.  While the restored facades were impressive, it was the rear-facing exterior walls that I found poignant, some untouched for who knows how long and beautiful in their aged state.




Click here for the GÖdÖllő Palace website.



 Empress Elizabeth, on the occasion of her

coronation as Queen of Hungary, 1867.




Read more about Empress Elizabeth here.



Please give yourself a treat by clicking here and enjoying Zoli’s beautiful photographs,  a fitting tribute to a beautiful person who left us too soon, this year.





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