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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Dec 17, 2014: Fish Creek Park, Calgary

Shannon Terrace Barn 2 Christmas


Season's Greetings to all and I wish you safe travels over the holidays.


These photos were taken in a part of Fish Creek Park in Calgary's SW.  It is called Shannon Terrace.  There is an old homestead down there that was once owned by the Willans family who were cattle ranchers in the early 1900s.  The ranch is called the Willans Beebow Ranch.  Norman Willans built a log barn for his string of cow ponies and at the same time he constructed a cabin for his wife and children in Shannon Terrace.  Constructed from the straight white spruce that lines the banks of Fish Creek, these buildings are a reminder to the rugged lifestyle of men and women who have contributed to Alberta's heritage. 


Shannon Terrace Christmas 2

Shannon Terrace Christmas 3

Shannon Terrace Christmas


Images (4)
  • Shannon Terrace Barn: Snowy day in Fish Creek Park
  • Shannon Terrace 1: Snowy day in Fish Creek Park
  • Shannon Terrace 2: Snowy day in Fish Creek Park
  • Shannon Terrace 3: Snowy day in Fish Creek Park

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