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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Aug 5th 2014: Incense Coils, Hong Kong

Incense Coils Hong Kong  On a stopover for a couple of nights in Hong Kong, we wanted to explore a bit more of the local culture and took a walk around the back streets of Kowloon. We came across a tiny Buddhist temple in the midst of a sea of apartment buildings and decided to take a closer look. 


I was immediately drawn to these dozens of incense coils hanging from the ceiling at the entrance and was quite fascinated by them. The repetitiveness of the patterns and colors was mesmerizing and I found myself almost in a trance not just by the coils themselves, but also by the burning incense. I stood there for what seemed like hours until my wife came along and snapped me out of it, much to my dismay. I suppose you could say I experienced a cheap high!



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