Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Apr. 9, 2014: In the Suquet



Cannes: The first things that come to mind are, for most people, the film festival with outrageous costumes and gala receptions, or the rows and rows of rich folks' yachts. And those are all there, but on the hill above them, far removed from the promenade of hotels and glitter along the waterfront, the small town that Cannes was before the 19th century persists.


It's called the Suquet, and its narrow hilly streets were a welcome relief for us from all the rest. Here are a few scenes from the streets (and stairways) of the Suquet.





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The Beverly Hills-type scene of Cannes doesn't at all interest me but this medieval street does!  You've given me a reason to go, Pheymont!  Thanks.

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