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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Apr. 29, 2015: L'Écoute at Les Halles



Listening (L'Écoute) by Henry Miller (the French sculptor, not the American author) was commissioned in 1986 for a plaza in the area once occupied by the central markets—Les Halles. It's directly in front of the Saint-Eustache church, and children love to climb on it—when they can. It's a 70-ton playground, as far as they're concerned!


For the past few years, during the reconstruction of the whole Les Halles-Chatelet area and the shopping center below it, it's been marooned in the middle of the site. The top picture was taken in June 2010, the one below at Christmas 2012. At bottom is a picture from March, 2014, with the construction fences still in place; it's not clear to me if this is how it will look when done, but the kids are back. I'll just have to go back and check it out!





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