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Gumbo's Pic of the Day, Apr. 27, 2014: Painted Ladies in San Francisco



San Francisco is noted for its colorfully-decorated Victorian houses—the Painted Ladies—with multiple colors used to highlight their ornate details. Built by the hundreds in the prosperous days after the Gold Rush and the Civil War, many survive today and are a highlight for walking tours of the city.


I took this picture in early 2002, and forgot to note the location, in the 1400 block of Golden Gate Avenue. It's taken me months of searching to figure the address, but here it is. The large building with two towers at center has 16 bedrooms and 8 baths, according to a real estate search site...


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Many Victorian buildings that survived the 1906 earthquake were destroyed in the fires that followed.  Those, like these, that escaped both were largely located west of Van Ness Ave, the line at which fire fighters dynamited buildings, creating a fire line to save at least part of the city.


I'm glad these were saved, PHeymont, or the City would be a very different place, wouldn't it.  Thanks.

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