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Goreme, Cappadocia: Where Gumbo Was (#69)


Puzzle #69 was solved by MAD Travel Diaries and Roderick Simpson; PortMoresby recognized that the picture was taken from a balloon!


These photos are from central Turkey, an area known as Cappadokia, near the city of Goreme.

The geology is almost unique - three volcanoes (Erciyes, Hasandagi, Gollungag) blanketed the area 9 million - 3 million years ago .  A soft tuff layer was formed, 150 m in thickness,  Rain, and strong winds eroded the geological formations creating these bizarre shapes called Fairy Chimneys.

The outer crust of these chimneys is hard, but the inside can be easily carved and in prehistoric times they became shelters.


There were differences in the 'tourist' histories we read as to their origin
and evolution.  Mystics, early Christians, villages seeking protection from armies, ...  I suspect that all were partially correct. 


Multiple tour companies in town offer day tours.  We selected three unique tours
while others chose to trek on their own.   After counting 28 hot air balloons in the sky as we were eating breakfast, we splurged on the balloon ride for our last day in town.  It was one of the highlights of the trip.


The camel is an out of place tourist trap, you pay for a ride or a picture. Still needed to take the photo.


The author among the Fairy Chimneys


Some of the vegetation in the "where is it ?"  photo are grapes. With the minimal rainfall they are planted and watered separately, not in the rows we are more familiar with.

Our travel was in late December.  Evening temperatures were above freezing, afternoon temps were comfortable. In earlier years they might have been snow on the ground.









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What a great experience and great photos to share it with all of us -- thanks for that!


I'm curious about the balloon ride.  I presume it was pretty cold up there?  How long was the ride?  About how high did you go?  Did it all feel safe to you?

Twitter: @DrFumblefinger

"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie

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