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Good news for travelers! Hotels are adding more outlets


Speaking as someone who's spent a lot of time crawling under or moving hotel furniture to find the one open outlet so I can plug in my cube taps and "the octupus," a multi-port charger, it's good news to hear that more and more hotels are gearing up for connected travelers.

USA Today surveyed some of its 'Road Warriors,' and found that they, too, search for the outlets as soon as they check in. And, according to the report, they're finding more and more convenient as hotels renovate and/or listen to gripes.

Holiday Inn, for example, has a new room design, just going on line. It has a 'Welcome Nook' near the door with coat hooks, a shelf for keys, and built-in chargers. Elsewhere in the room, a movable desk and five different blocks of outlets.

Marriott is adding USB ports to bedside lamps, alarm clocks and desks; Hyatt is placing wall-mounted outlets next to the beds, and in all light fixtures and lamps. Wyndham is making sure all its renovated rooms have outlets in nightstands, entryways and bathroom mirrors. Other chains are moving as well. Perhaps the millenium is finally here!

Some hotels are even adding more power in public areas, including lobby seating areas, bar and restaurant tables and banquettes and fitness rooms.

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