Glass Beach, Mendocino County, California


Glass Beach is in Mendocino County, California, near Fort Bragg, California.  There are three Glass Beach sites near  the northern part of town, created by years of dumping garbage. Taking glass from the beaches there is discouraged so other people can enjoy this sight.





A lot of reviews, claim the glass is no longer there or there's just a little bit. We didn't find that the case at all. Glass is abdundant  and it's spectacular to see. 



The beach itself is beautiful with strong waves crashing against the rocks. The perfect place to create sea glass.

Getting to Fort Bragg is wonderful in itself. Inland there are lots of wineries and forests. If you take California Highway 1, you'll get one beautiful sight after another. Be aware, though: the roads getting there are winding and it does take some concentration to drive. It takes about three and a half hours to drive there from San Francisco.


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