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Gibbon Falls, Yellowstone National Park


Located in the northwestern portion of beautiful Yellowstone National Park is Gibbon Falls.  Here the Gibbon River drops about 84 feet (26 m).  The falls is located immediately beside the road and there is lots of parking.  A short trail allows you to see different perspectives of the fall and is well worth the small amount of walking required of you. 



As expected, the falls are most dramatic in the spring when the river is swollen by snow melt.  These photos were taken in late July and to me the falls are still impressive.  The waterfall tumbles over remnants of the Yellowstone caldera rim -- the rock wall opposite the viewing area is the inner rim of the caldera.

IMG_6416(view downriver from the waterfall)

Not far from the waterfall you'll find hissing steam vents and the bubbling geothermally heated water -- the kind of features that are plentiful in this park.



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  • Gibbon Falls
  • Gibbon River flowing from the falls
  • Gibbon Falls
  • Gibbon Falls
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