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Giant Nutcracker Silo, Orange, Virginia


Over 30-feet tall, the big eyed, mustachioed man with a military cap nutcracker is a silo considered a “Roadside Oddity,” seen here from the intersection of Berry Hill Road and Blue Ridge Drive in Orange, Virginia.

Orange is 28 miles northeast of Charlottesville, 88 miles southwest of Washington, D.C., and 4 miles east of President James Madison's plantation of Montpelier. It is also the county seat of Orange County and was named after William IV, Prince of Orange, Netherlands.

Giant Nutcracker Silo

Walking down Main Street, there are a number of historic buildings and if you are hungry, “Forked on Main” is a delicious culinary experience in the historic Sparks Building on Main Street....

Forked on Main

...the courthouse is Italianate architecture....

Orange County Courthouse 1858

....a public phone looks like it is from London....

Orange Phone Booth

....a historic train station....

Orange Train Station

...and the street is also littered with antique and art shops.

A nice side excursion if you are planning to visit President Madison’s Montpelier Plantation.  The Madison Museum is also in the town of Orange with many historic artifacts and free parking.


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  • Orange Train Station
  • Forked on Main
  • Giant Nutcracker Silo
  • Orange County Courthouse 1858
  • Orange Phone Booth

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