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Ghost Rocks, Southern Utah


One of the most picturesque drives in the USA is along the I-70 freeway, stretching across central and eastern Utah into western Colorado.  This road is also known as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway, which was one of the last stretches completed in the American Freeway network.

Ghost Rocks Viewpoint 02

One of the stops along the road, between Salina and Green River, is at Ghost Rocks.  Here you'll find several pale white rock pinnacles jutting above the plateau of the San Rafael Swell. a high-altitude plateau about 7,000 feet above sea level.  The rocks are composed of Navajo sandstone.

Ghost Rocks Viewpoint 03

Ghost Rocks Viewpoint 05

Besides the Ghost Rocks, you'll also see Eagle Canyon of the San Rafael Swell, an impressive sight.

Ghost Rocks Viewpoint 06

Last weekend's One Clue Mystery photo (see below) was taken from the Ghost Rock area, featuring a distant pinnacle and views of the San Rafael Swell.  It was recognized by the incomparable George G -- excellent work, as always, George!

One Clue Mystery - Copy

We traveled through the area in early spring and were lucky enough to have a coating of fresh snow in the region.  It was chilly, but beautiful!


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  • Ghost Rocks Viewpoint 01
  • Ghost Rocks Viewpoint 02
  • Ghost Rocks Viewpoint 03
  • Ghost Rocks Viewpoint 05
  • Ghost Rocks Viewpoint 06
  • One Clue Mystery - Copy

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