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Gallery: Bicycles, Lucca, Italy



Lucca is a perfect place for bicycles.  It’s flat, not big, most of the streets are reserved for walking and riding and it has the added attraction of a raised circular park surrounding the town, atop its wall, wide and perfect for a leisurely stroll or peddle with a view.


While looking over the pictures and deciding whether to show them, I recalled that the reason I took them in such a uniform way was to highlight the details.  Baskets, wheel and chain guards, child seats, snappy & new or rusty, bells and lights and variations on the rear rack theme.  My favorite statement of personalization is the blue ruffled basket liner, although the subtle colored spoke decoration comes in a close second.


Many of them are thoroughly utilitarian, possibly the better to encourage a roving thief to take no notice.  Most are locked, but not all.  And some that are locked are not attached to anything.  I suspect it may be to simply discourage spontaneous “borrowing,” although Lucca is not so large that it probably wouldn’t be long before a borrowed bicycle would be noticed and reclaimed.


I loved the fact that riding a bicycle within Lucca’s walls is as normal as walking and that people on their bikes proceed at a civilized pace, clearly conscious that they're sharing the pavement with pedestrians.  Cyclists dress for their lives, not as cyclists, just as likely to be riding in a business suit or dress, as in more casual attire.


The last one is a delivery bike on Via Anfiteatro, at the restaurant across from the entrance to my beautiful home for the week.  On the opposite side of the palatial apartment, all windows overlooked the large open oval of the Piazza Anfiteatro.  One of these days I’ll show it to you.

































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These small views, with their varied backgrounds and very personal bikes, give me a sense of knowing Lucca, even though I haven't been there yet. It seems a quieter energy than what comes from bicycles in huge masses...consider this shot from Copenhagen's Osterport rail station:



The best part of every trip is realizing that it has upset your expectations


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I hadn't thought about that but, you're right, even as narrow a view as the width of a bicycle conveys a good sense of place.  And my preference for towns and villages, rather than cities.  


I have picture of a ferry bicycle parking lot on Lantau Island, Hong Kong and, even though it's a rural place, it appears that every person on the island must be represented by a bike in the lot, there are so many.  But, though crowded, I remember it as park-like compared to yours above and still gives an idea of the kind of place it's in.  An interesting insight.

Originally Posted by DrFumblefinger:

I also find bicycles a pleasant subject, and enjoyed your collection, PortMoresby!


Here are a pic I snapped last year in France.  The guy was pushing his uphill towards the market.....

POD 005a Jan 27, 2014. Man on Bike, Chartres


And these frosty models at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg (hey, they have studded snow tires for these -- seriously!)


Twitter: @DrFumblefinger

"We do not take a trip, a trip takes us".  John Steinbeck, from Travels with Charlie


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