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Galesnjak: the World's Most Heart-shaped Island


It is the perfect destination for lovebirds and there is every reason for this. Popularly known as "lovers’ island" or "the island of love", Galesnjak is a tiny island that has a unique shape resembling a heart. This small island is currently one of the most, if not the most, popular in the world.  It is uninhabited and covered with shrubs, but this does not deter lovers from sailing there to rekindle the flames of their love.

The Island of love grew in popularity after its shape was captured by Google Earth in 2009. However, its shape had first been recorded as early as 19th century by one of Napoleon’s cartographers. Galesnjak is one of the most spectacular islands along the Dalmatian coast and there is every reason for you to plan a trip there. It is a popular destination for couples celebrating their marriage anniversaries, honeymoons and even young men seeking to propose to the love of their life. The island has a charm, an atmosphere which is almost thrilling.

When planning for a trip to the Island of Love, it is important to note that it does not have any kind of man-made structures or accommodation facilities. However, lovers will appreciate the fact that they can enjoy time to themselves without the prying eyes of the public. There is no better way to enjoy romantic moments with the one you love than to lie around in the untamed atmosphere or swim in the clear pebble beaches surrounding the tiny island.

IMAGE 2 galesnjak

(Island Galesnjak from the side)

Lovers Island is surrounded by the crystal clear blue waters of Pasman channel which gives is a paradise-like, idyllic feel. This feeling is magnetic and visitors who access the heart-shaped island often don't want to leave. You can choose to camp on the island or spend your nights on the island of Pasman which is nearby, or Zadar, a popular tourist hub also located nearby.  You can freely picnic, camp, chill out or enjoy amorous moments in Galesnjak if you access this privately owned Island when visiting Croatia.

The beauty of the island of love is that it is heart-shaped and offers lovers quality time to enjoy romance and just be with each other. You can choose to rekindle your warmth, affections and passions by planning for a visit to this amazing island. Thousands of lovebirds have started their journeys of love under the perfect atmosphere offered by this tiny island and there is no reason as to why you too should not plan a perfect holiday with Galesnjak as one of your stopovers.

IMAGE 3 galesnjak

(Looking at the Island Galesnjak from Pasman)

It is worth noting that there are no ferries sailing to the island, so you will have to use a private boat (if you own one), or rent it from a local charter in Croatia, or take a water taxi if available if you want to visit Galesnjak. A great thing about Croatia is that it has a long coast and therefore taking a boat to explore the Islands on your own is simple and easy, especially for honeymooners and couples who want to spend their quality time together before leaving for any of the neighboring islands in the Dalmatian Coast.

IMAGE 4 galesnjak

(Island Galesnjak after the owner planted olive trees)


Images (4)
  • Galesnjak: the World's Most Heart-shaped Island
  • Galesnjak: the World's Most Heart-shaped Island
  • Galesnjak: the World's Most Heart-shaped Island
  • Galesnjak: the World's Most Heart-shaped Island

"If you look like your passport picture, you probably need the trip"  

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