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French bread by the numbers


One of the recurring images for many of life in France is people walking on the street carrying fresh bread, usually a baguette. But how true is the image, and how much bread do French people really consume? recently took a look at those questions in response to a reader question, and turned up some interesting data, with the help of such organizations as L'Observatoire du Pain (The Bread Observatory) and

Among the stats:

  • 35,000 bakeries in France; down from years ago but still quite a few!
  • 12 million bakery customers a day
  • 6 billion baguettes a year (and that's just the baguettes!)
  • 320 baguettes a second are produced across the country
  • Average consumption is half a baguette a day
  • Baguettes and all others together, average weekday bread consumption is 105gr down from 114 in 2015.
  • Younger people eat less bread: a third of those under 35 eat bread daily while two-thirds of those over 35 do.
  • And, an excellent reason to live in Paris: 94% of Parisians live within a five-minute walk of one of the city's 1,180 boulangeries.

Image: Bread varieties at Pain d'Antan, Paris (PHeymont/TravelGumbo)

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