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France's new taxi app aims to out-Uber Uber



The French government is launching "Le Taxi," a new app that allows passengers to "e-hail" taxis from their computers or smartphones, and rate the service afterward, much like the private Uber service.


Because there are 57,000 cabs in France eligible to join the system, far more than Uber's 17,000 in 8 cities (10,000) in Paris, the government expects to quickly overtake Uber's market share.


Uber has been controversial in France, with many protests by regulated cabbies who fear loss of jobs and income. One Uber variant that allowed non-professional individuals to act as taxis, has been banned in France and several other countries. Meanwhile, Uber has a revolt in its ranks. In a move to gain market share, Uber cut minimum charges by 20%, costing the drivers money. A group of drivers broke off and are launching a new app of their own.


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Photo: Jean-Pierre Gaillot / Wikimedia


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