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France moves to tax the 'sharing economy'


Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Drivy and other ride and home-sharing companies have been spreading in France, often with very little regulation and, perhaps more to the point, without 'sharing' revenue with the government. That may be about to change.

France's government has assigned Pascal Terrasse, a member of the National Assembly, to study and report on what new regulations are needed to deal with the 'sharing economy,' including some to "ensure the contribution of these platforms" in taxes. 

In his first recommendations, Terrasse has recommended that companies like Airbnb should be required to report how much people are making by renting. France is Airbnb's second-biggest market. He suggested that anyone making above €2000 Euros above expenses by renting should pay taxes.

France estimates that the 'shared economy' includes some 15,000 businesses worth about €2.5 billion a year.

For more on Terrasse's proposals and France's 'shared' sector from, click HERE.


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