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France catches 4.5 MILLION foreign speeders on camera

If you're the kind of driver who views the speed limit as a suggestion, you might want to avoid France. The country's extensive network of speed cameras caught 21 million speeders in 2014, and 4.5 million of those were foreigners.


The number of foreigners fined based on the robot photos was actually 3.4 million; 1.1 million lucky speeders got away because the camera photo showed a foreign plate, but not enough detail to identify it.


A European agreement that is phasin g into effect allows countries to share driver information for violations, so just going home won't get you off the hook, unless you're from Ireland, the UK or Denmark, which opted out.


The countries with the most offenders? Belgium tops the list at 420,000, followed by Spain at 412,000, Germany at 411,000 and Italy at 400,000. At the bottom of the list: Finland, with only 500 tickets. More DETAIL in


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These fixed cameras are signposted and on maps so you have to be pretty unfortunate (or silly) to get 'done' by them. Far worse are their sneaky cameras that are hidden in roadside trash bins, under hedges and all sorts of camouflage. These are normally in villages where it makes real sense to slow right down. 

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