Four airlines to share new Tokyo-Haneda slots


Four U.S. airlines will share the bonanza of newly-available slots at Tokyo's clower-to-town Haneda Airport, the choice of many business travelers who value its quick connections to the city. 

As part of a deal that opens up air corridors previously restricted to military use, U.S. airlines got 12 new slots at Haneda, and the U.S. Department of Transportation has split them among the four airlines that applied. Pending final approval later this year, flights will begin by next summer. 

Haneda is about 14 miles from central Tokyo and has fast and inexpensive rail connections. Narita Airport, built to move air traffic away from the city, is 50 miles out and often over two hours away.

The new route assignments are: 

  • American Airlines: Dallas/Fort Worth; Los Angeles
  • Delta Air Lines: Seattle; Detroit; Atlanta; Portland, Ore.; Honolulu
  • Hawaiian Airlines: Honolulu
  • United Airlines: Newark, N.J.; Chicago O’Hare; Washington-Dulles; Los Angeles

Haneda Airport photo by Masahiro Takagi/Wikimedia

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