For sale: Greek city in Turkey


Looking for an Aegean hide-away for summer breaks? There's a classic—and we mean classic—property up for sale on Turkey's Aegean coast: the entire ancient Greek city of Bargylia.

Of course, it needs some work; it's a true fixer-upper except that there are some limits on what you can fix up, since the ruined city is a Grade I archaeological site, and excavations are barred.

The 350-acre site, priced at $8 million, has been on the market before; in 2015 the excavation ban meant there were no buyers. The price has gone down by about 20% in this offer, which includes the defensive wall seen above, and the ruins of a temple and a theatre.

Locals are hoping that Turkey's Ministry of Culture and Tourism will step in to buy the site; they are concerned that treasure hunters may be looting the site.

Photo of ruined defensive wall by HWHornwood/Wikimedia

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