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Floating hotel set to anchor in Seine

Paris is about to get perhaps its most unusual hotel, floating in the Seine near the Quai d'Austerlitz in the eastern part of the city. Built in Normandy almost as if it were a ship, it will be towed into place within the next few weeks.


The Off-Paris Seine has 54 rooms, 4 suites and a floating swimming pool floating within the hotel. First guests will arrive in the spring. Rooms will go for €160-450 in the €11 million project. Guests will have a 400 square meter terrace, as well as the 15-meter pool.


The architect assures that guests will not get seasick: "It is a simple building, designed with two articulated floats crossed by the river. The movement will be insensitive but noticeable, is akin to rocking."


Paris has a long history of floating pools, and after a period when most of the original ones disappeared, newer ones have been opening. In fact, one of the newest, the Piscine Josephine Baker, is a near neighbor to the new hotel and to the Bibliotheque Nationale. More details from HERE.

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