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FLIO app now for Android, too, and with more


You may remember a few months ago, we reported on FLIO, a sort of Swiss-Army-knife for making best use of airports and their services, and with discount offers as well. If not, our original post is reprinted below.

The good news is that FLIO is now available for Android phones as well, and with more and better. The total of free airport WiFi systems it can connect you to is up to 350 (from 180); it now has arrival, departure and gate info for 900 airports; there are over 200 food and shopping discounts, and now tips about sleeping areas, shower rooms, and other special facilities.

TravelGumbo, 12/19/15

"There's an app for that" was the big tagline not long ago, but for some things there just wasn't—and FLIO neatly fills one of those gaps. If you have an iPhone; no Android version for a couple more months. And it's free.

FLIO is "all-things-airport," with the kind of information you could otherwise find only by searching airport websites, or at best, by downloading individual airport apps. The publisher has worked with over 180 airports, and is adding more, to allow app-users to automatically connect to the airport's free WiFi (even if limited) and to display searchable maps of airport facilities.

For WiFi, that means not searching for a network, for a password, typing in information and signing in; if FLIO is running, you're signed in. And you can quickly see where the bathroom is, where you can charge your phone, whether your gate has changed, and how to get there...etc.

Where available, it also broadcasts available discounts for airport restaurants, stores and services, and possibly even discounts on transportation from the airport. It's in the Apple appstore and is worth watching for in the Google Play Store.


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