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Five Must See Australia Travel Destinations


Are you looking for best things to do and best places to see on your visit to Australia? Well you don’t need to look any further because below is a list of the must see places and things to do in Aussie.

aerial-views-of-the-great-barrie-19493_913x465 (2) Image credit: cairnsholidayspecialists via Creative Commons

1. Scuba diving at Great Barrier Reef: 

Located in Queensland, Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is the healthiest and largest coral reef system in the world. It is also known as the only active structure on earth that is visible from the outer space, and is the largest active structure in the world, comprising thousands of various living organisms, 300 coral cays, 600 continental islands and about 2900 individual reefs.  Every day many scuba divers from different parts of the world come to visit the reef on a live-a-boards or day charters. With the reef’s biodiversity, the divers are just left in awe and the reef’s local aborigines hold the place sacred. It is truly a charming place. It comes in four sections: Cairns, Far Northern, Central and the Mackay-Capricorn. All of these sections have awe-inspiring features that every diver should never miss.

Great-White-Shark-Dive-Guadalupe-Island-Mexico_0006Image credit: delsolphotography via Creative Commons 

2. Cage Dive with Great White Shark at the Neptune Islands:

One of the greatest underwater experiences in the world is cage diving with great white sharks. There is one perfect place for this setting – the clear waters of the Neptune Islands, located in the mouth of the deep waters of the Spencer Gulf.  It is one of the world’s few places and Australia’s only place to get a close-up look great white sharks and other shark species like mako, hammerhead and bronze whaler. These sharks are under South Australia’s protection. The area is considered as the sharks’ natural habitat and is a breeding area of protected long-nosed fur seals. With the area’s sandy seafloor, deep-water habitats and sheltered sea grasses, it is a haven for numerous other marine lives.

8564775158_f25150f829_z (1)Image credit: Marc Dalmulder via Flickr

3. Adventure Trip at Kakadu National Park: 

With over 110,000 square kilometres in area (about the same size as Israel), Kakadu National Park is Australia’s largest natural park. located in the north-eastern side of Australia’s Northern Territory.  Its landscapes are diverse, providing various sceneries for nature activities, aboriginal culture, and outback adventure travel.  Wildlife and nature abound in this area. You will find secrets, stories and breath-taking sights that you can never imagine.

Kakadu is home to over 2,000 plants, 10,000 species of insects, 26 frogs, more than 300 freshwater and tidal fish species, over 120 reptiles, 290 bird species and 68 mammals.  Some of these animals are endangered and cannot be found anywhere else in the world; some are yet to be discovered.

fraser-island-1130298_640Image credit: pixabay

4. Get Fascinated at Lake McKenzie, Fraser Island: 

Many adventurers and travellers head to Fraser Island, a precious heritage-listed island in Australia, for numerous reasons. Aside from its unique wildlife, colourful Aboriginal history, white sandy dunes and exciting tour activities, Fraser Island is also a home to 100 freshwater lakes which attract thousands of visitors from different parts of the world. Among the most popular is the Lake McKenzie, which is probably the most visited site on the island. Lake McKenzie is a unique lake as it is perched, which means it contains no groundwater but only rainwater. It is also not fed by river streams nor does it flow to the ocean. The lake’s base is made up of impervious layer of sand and organic matter, which prevents the rainwater from draining away. Its sand is pure white that is not only beautiful to the sight but also soft to touch or walk on. Its crystal clear waters is endlessly fascinating and worth the trip.

2553570276_1106779499_zImage credit: Corey Leopold via Flickr

5. City Tour at Sydney, Australia: 

If you are a beach bum, culture vulture or a city slicker, you will fall in love with Sydney, Australia. You will enjoy hanging out at the Bondi Beach or just stroll along the calm sands of Coogee. If you are a shopaholic, shop till you drop at the Rocks District and George and Pitt Streets. If you are an adventure lover, enjoy the thrill and scenery at the top of the Harbour Bridge or experience the skywalk at the Sydney Tower.

Overall, with numerous activities and sceneries, you will definitely find something that suits your wants and needs in Australia. Plan your trip ahead of time and enjoy every minute of your visit in Australia.


Images (5)
  • Sydney skyline.  Courtesy Corey Leopold via Flickr
  • Courtesy Marc Dalmulder via Flickr
  • Aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef.   Image credit: cairnsholidayspecialists via Creative Commons
  • fraser-island.  Image credit: pixabay
  • Great-White-Shark-Dive.  delsolphotography via Creative Commons

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