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Feel like a Kid Again at Hammond's Candies, Denver


I must have been hungry today when I was working on my blog because I decided to share a company that has been here in Denver since 1920.

According to their website: "Over the past 90 years, the 'Mile High' city of Denver, Colorado, has seen a number of fine chocolate and candy manufacturers come and go, but one special company is still very much in business. That business is Hammond's Candies." I have to say that I am very glad they are still here today.

Hammonds-LobbySince moving here to Colorado I have visited Hammond's Candies many times and have enjoyed bringing my nieces and friends to the factory when they have been here visiting. It’s always fun to help them feed their sweet tooth as well as learning a little something about the process of making candy. They have an amazing tour where you get to see how their candy is made and hand-packaged from beginning to end. It’s a super sweet treat you won’t find elsewhere!

Hammonds-BldgWhen you first pull up to the factory, one of the first things I notice is an old delivery van and the two huge lollipops on the building.  Once you make your way into the building you are given a little sticker which tells you which tour you are on. In the meantime, you can wonder around their shop and go into a diabetic shock, lol. Just kidding, but it does smell really good.

Hammonds-FactoryOnce your tour group is called, you are taken into a small theater to watch a short little video about the original owner of the company, Carl Hammond, and learn about the many changes the company has been through since 1920. It is pretty interesting, but usually everyone is ready to get into the factory and see how it's made. At last, we moved into the factory.  

Hammonds-Factory2During the tour, they give you some tidbits about nostalgic candy, a little science, and a lot of fun. With large video screens installed throughout the factory and the tour you get an “up close and personal” experience with their delicious candies and the people who make them. A lot of the tables are way in the back, but there are cameras over the tables and the tour guide can flip back and forth from table to table. It's really great that they do this for their guests.

Hammonds-SweetsWhat I really enjoyed watching was the employees making the lollipops as they are pulled, twisted, and shaped. So interesting and they do it so fast. Amazing.  I have also been able to watch them do the ribbon candy, which is done by pulling the mass or candy through a machine that bends it into the ribbon shape. Pretty cool too, as it is a HUGE mass of candy. Each day they are doing different batches of candy, so you have to visit often to see all the different types being made. I still haven't seen them all.

hammonds-StoreOnce the tour is finished, they give you a free sample and then you exit out into their store. Like I said on my Jelly Belly Factory Tour, and Angell Phelps Chocolate posts, I don't usually like it when a tour finishes this way, but I don't mind it here  They have a lot of goodies, which can make it hard to decide what to choose. Did want to mention that a lot of times they will have Oops! Candy. Ask about it on your tour.

Hammonds-ChocolateHere is a list of top five factory facts you need to know before you go:

  1. No reservations is required for small groups.
  2. To schedule a tour for a group of 10 or more, call 303.333.5588 ext 110
  3. Tours run every half hour (typically on the half hour), Monday-Friday 9:00am - 3:00pm and Saturdays 10:00am - 3:00pm (we are closed on Sundays)
  4. Tours last approximately 30 minutes and can accommodate up to 50 people
  5. Stroller, wheelchairs and walkers are welcome!

They do have a lot of events and such, but I did want to specifically mention the Hammond's Candies Candy Cane Festival that happens every December. Visit with Santa & Mrs. Claus, listen to stories and caroling at Hammond's Candies. There is also cookie decorating, face painting and trolley rides. It's a lot of fun for the kids and you can jump on their website for coupons and such to use in the store. It's a win-win. More information on this event as it gets closer to the holiday season.

Hammonds-CassidyI hope you enjoyed my post about the wonderful goodies at Hammond's Candies and will try to visit when in the Denver area. I want to end this was a statement from Carl Hammond who said "Nothing is more important than quality."


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Thanks for the comments guys. It is a lot of fun and I am sorry that you didn't make it there Travel Rob. Maybe sometime as a "visitor", lol. I always look forward to bringing out of town guests. Hope you guys can visit one day.  

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